Top 10 Smoothie Recipes For A Hangover (2024)

Some of us are party animals, while others less so. Either way, whenever you look at the calendar, another holiday or holiday season seems to be right around the corner. There is a big possibility of attending a party and having a good time at any of those holidays. But, that good time always comes at a hefty price. Just think of the morning after when you wake up with that head-splitting hangover.

Some of the recommended remedies out there are having a light meal to settle the stomach and drinking a lot of fluids. Well, put those two together and you get a smoothie. And with the right ingredients you get an excellent hangover cure. Here are the top 10 hangover smoothie cures.

50 Shades of Kale: Hangover Smoothie For Those Well Hung

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We know that in the smoothie world, kale can sound like a bit of a cliché. But there is a good reason for that. It’s one of the most nutritious food products ever and is super efficient in helping your body recover from just about anything.

Berry-Ginger Hangover Helper Paleo Smoothie

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If you are looking for some ginger balance in your life, you have come to the right place. Because ridding yourself of a hangover is precisely that – giving your body back some much-needed balance. You will be back to your old self in no time.

Smoothie Recipes For Everything…

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While putting together this list, we thought “Why not give the readers a broad-spectrum option that blankets just about any need for revival?” That is why we are presenting you with this Swiss Army knife of smoothie recipes. Enjoy!

Eggnog Smoothie

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Of course, Christmas is not really quite the same without eggnog. What you have here, however, is something that is not only low in sugar but gives you a massive boost, while keeping the good old festive flavor!

Scandalously Simple Jicama Smoothie

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Now, here is one that uses a really exotic ingredient. Jicama, also known as a Mexican yam, tops off this extremely beneficial drink, turning it into a nutritious nuke. Don’t believe us? If you can get your hands on jicama, just try it. It is, dare we say it, a superfood.

Pineapple Blueberry Smoothie

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It has become common knowledge that berries tend to be full of antioxidants, and therefore, extremely useful in regeneration and as an anti-aging substance. That property of the blueberry, combined with the sheer amount of vitamins in pineapple, and the result is a little glass of miracle!

Granny Smith Hangover Knockout Juice

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Speaking of antioxidants, we present you with yet another powerful combo. Because that is what we do. In any case, what you have here is an option abundant in fresh ingredients, with just a bit of ginger to smooth things out.

Who Needs Gatorade When You’ve Got This For A Hangover?!

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Are you sitting down? You will need to if you are reading this. Ladies and gentlemen, what you have here in front of you is the ultimate blend, the all-star team of hangover relief foods and ingredients. This is the mother of all hangover cures.

Antioxidant Cran-apple Smoothie

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When you think of cranberries, the first thing that comes to your mind is the question, “What’s in your head? In your head? Zombie, zombie!” Which is what you literally are after a night’s drinking. It’s the same old theme every hungover morning.

Restorative Blend

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We round off our list by putting a heavy artillery detox option right at the very end. Because, as you know, some cases of a hangover are more severe than others. If that is so for you, then this is a smoothie we highly recommend.

Before we truly delve into our end-of-the-article summary, we would like to advise you to drink responsibly and stay safe. If you don’t look out for yourself, no one else will. But, since most of us happen to drink a bit too much every now and then, we hope that these tips would come in handy for your next post-inebriation day.

Now, how do you like the recipes and combos we have presented to you? Which ones do you think are most doable? Did any of them tickle your curiosity? Please feel free to tell us all your thoughts and suggestions about the items on our list in the comments. In the meantime, take care of yourselves, and happy blending!

Top 10 Smoothie Recipes For A Hangover (2024)
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